Luscious Labneh


I am very grateful to Naomi Devlin for introducing me to labneh.



Plain yoghurt – I use Yeo Valley bio live or Brown Cow Organics which hopefully have some live beneficial bacteria still floating about.

I often also mix in some of my own milk kefir which adds a tang to the flavour and a load more beneficial bacteria and yeast, no doubt.


All we need to make labneh is yoghurt, some milk kefir if you fancy it too, a sieve, a bowl and a fine weave muslin.

Simply put the sieve over the bowl.

Line the sieve with the muslin.

Pour the yoghurt into the muslin.

If using milk kefir too, mix in some milk kefir with the yoghurt

Gently fold the muslin over the yoghurt mix.

Put it in the fridge to allow the whey to drip off until the yoghurt has turned to a firmish consistency.

Then use in countless different ways – with honey on cereal or fruit at breakfast, with crackers, with curry (it is very delicious with curry or any sort of dahling (dahl), with just about anything really.

The latest one I made, I added chopped rosemary and raw garlic to it once it was ready and we all scoffed it on crackers as a starter. Experiment!


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