The Francis Project


This project has evolved from an idea my friend, Elizabeth, had and as a result of my growing obsession with sourdough. Modern life is busy. Often too busy. But my work with sourdough has created a crucial creative space. Like a breath of fresh air.

The entire process depends on bacteria and yeasts doing their “thing”. To do that, they require the right combination of variables. I have to concentrate on this ancient process.  It involves all my senses. It is totally absorbing and, each time I do it, I get to witness the amazing transformation that occurs as the dough matures through the work of microbes.

The Francis Project is like a sourdough chain letter. If you participate, you get to witness the magic of microbial action up close and then you get to eat the delectable results. You pass on some of the sourdough mix of flour, water, bacteria and yeast (sourdough starter) that you have created to some of your friends. And then the process begins again.

It is our hope that The Francis Project will spread through families, friends, communities, schools, places of work, thereby increasing human understanding and intentional experience of microbes.

There are two documents to The Francis Project – read Why first and then How. We are in the process of making a How video too. I will add that in here as soon as possible.

The Francis Project – Why?

The Francis Project – How


Spreading straightforward information about the fundamental importance of a healthy gut microbiome.